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M.A., D.C., C.C.S.P.

Personalized Holistic Chiropractic Care since 1985

Personalized Holistic Chiropractic Care since 1985

Personalized Holistic Chiropractic Care since 1985Personalized Holistic Chiropractic Care since 1985



Sampling of testimonials, excerpted from "Our Patients Speak"

“I simply can not tell you how thankful and appreciative I am…You are still ‘the only’ Chiro I would ever recommend in Durango, and will keep on doing so.”  - John Bennett

“You are…in for a ‘treat’ not just a treatment.  Dr. Robert is one of the most qualified, unique health professionals I have ever had the experience of  having care for me.  This huge ‘bear’ of a man is a compassionate, caring and totally intuitive professional.  He has helped turn my 62 year old body, which has arthritis, herniated discs and at times sciatica pains and was performing like a very old ‘Model T’ into a top of the line, finely tuned Mercedes.” – Toby Blender

“Dr. Robert Stein gives the most gentle neck adjustments I have ever had, and I have had  chiropractic care for over 25 years! He is truly interested in the best possible care for the patient as I have noticed each visit is different and he employs different techniques to obtain the best result during a treatment session.  Because he does not "over" adjust, and  concentrates on treating what needs to be treated, I have been able to reduce the frequency that I need adjustments from twice a week to every 2 weeks.  I really appreciate his availability for appointments, which  include Fridays, weekends and evenings, something that most Chiropractors in Durango do not offer."  Gratefully, Laura  Hokanson  

"I have been  seeing Dr. Stein for a few years now to help with occasional back and hip  pain.  He is an amazing chiropractor who always makes me feel better physically and emotionally.  Imagine my surprise when he told me he could help my acid reflux.  After a few chiropractic adjustments along with some supplements he recommended, my GERD is gone!!!  I can't believe the  difference this made in my daily life.  Thanks Dr. Stein for everything."  - Kim Seitz

"Consulted Dr. Stein for spinal stenosis, herniated disc and sciatic nerve.   All my friends have seen my results with Dr. Stein and can’t believe what he did for me because they all knew how much pain I had been in.  If you believe in miracles, TRY DR. STEIN!  I'm a good example of the benefits."  - Joseph J. G. 

"Thank you for making me happy to occupy my body again!  Your care  definitely adds quality to my life." - Jennifer Guy

“Dr. Stein is quick to the point, intuitive and profound in his knowledge of the body;  his ability to adjust it back to its optimal ability to perform, is amazing.”  - Calida Maichoss

“Dr. Robert tuned into the cause of my severe arthritic symptoms.  His  genuine concern and understanding of the healing process encouraged  me….Dr Robert used many techniques in his work and gave recommendations on diet, detoxification and supplements.  My crippling symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis are almost completely gone.”  - Jeri M.

“Robert, thank you so much for spending all that time with me…YOU ARE A MIRACLE  WORKER.”  - Linda Mack  

"I have always chosen to go to Dr. Robert first whenever I had a complex physical problem.  My partner,  however, worked in hospitals for 40 years and had never experienced any form of non-western medicine. So I was delighted when he finally allowed me to make an appointment for him with Dr. Robert to look at a series of issues and chronic conditions he'd been troubled by for years, which western medicine had not succeeded in healing. His back pain seemed to be the place to start, because it was acute. Dr. Robert took time on the first visit to get a good history and look over my partner's entire body and did just one small adjustment.  Tomorrow will be his fourth visit with Dr. Robert and he has found a great deal of change, including with his back. Thank you, Dr. Robert, for your skillfulness." - Suzanne Arms  

"I wanted  to thank you for seeing me yesterday (Sunday).  I was able to enjoy my family and especially my Grandson, for our last day of the  visit.  That was very important to me and you made it possible....Thank you again, so very much. ' - Vicki Gunther (from Texas, visiting her family in Durango)  

“I have been suffering with a terribly painful shoulder and in a six month period have  been unable to get any relief after visiting several practitioners.  I was truly amazed when, after just five minutes of examination, you not only came up with a new diagnosis that no one else had, but you were able to give me immediate relief through a series of manipulations.  Thanks once again for bringing your depth of knowledge and your powerful therapeutic touch to bear in helping me to resolve this difficult health issue.”  - David Richman“

Just a quick note to let you know that I am enjoying much greater range of  motion in my neck than I have for years….I think perhaps the efforts of others to ‘adjust’ my neck may have exacerbated the condition & that your deep massage & other…treatments are more effective.  Thank you.”  - Joanne Bryan

“Hey – I was actually able to dance the swing-which is difficult on the knee-not just once but four times—with no problem….I’m also able to go up  and down more stairs without a problem!  Yea!  -  Sandra Tracy

My name is Sadie and I am a fourteen-year-old Australian Shepherd/Heeler dog.  A friend…recommended Doctor Stein to us, and my master, Donna Nazario, started seeing him….He carefully diagnosed her body’s needs and started her on the proper supplements, along with Chiropractic  help….I must say my owner and I have a new lease on life, physically,  emotionally and spiritually, and I noticed we laugh a lot more too.  From what I can see this guy really cares and is truly a compassionate soul.  Sincerely, Sadie the Dog.”  -  and  her master, Donna Nazario

Yesterday I went for a hike and had no pain at all, especially in my knees while walking uphill and down.  For me this is  significant.  I (was) … diagnosed with fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis several years ago.  I have been in some level of pain from severely disabled to moderately inhibited , since an  accident 9-4-94, so for me to have no pain is truly astounding….I wholeheartedly attribute my great improvement to the dedicated and caring treatment I am receiving from Dr. Robert.”  - Carolyn Keene

Dr. Stein is certainly a blessing and a humble God-gifted doctor….I’ve had some wonderful results and experiences…I was with little hope and few expectations….When my body system didn’t function as normal, Dr. Stein  used diagnostic procedures and specific adjustments to help me back on the path to good health and continue….Dr. Stein treats the whole person,  not just individual symptoms….I would like to thank Dr. Robert Stein for every effort he put in behalf of my physical conditions, disabilities and  rehabilitation recovery with his treatments.”  - Frances Thomas

When I first received treatment from Dr. Stein, it was prompted by symptoms I believed were those of a heart attack.  Using a variety of  techniques in a tranquil setting, Dr. Stein not only helped my heart, but  also my wrist and knee, both of which had been sore for several  years.  I was also able to stand up straight when I got up in the morning!  Although I have only been treated twice, I can  already say that Dr. Stein is truly a healer! - Wayne H.

"I want to thank Dr. Robert for what he has given to me, and changed my quality of life.  I am writing this to give hope and encouragement to other people in similar situations.  I will start by saying I have not been nice to my 60 year old body, but in my  defense it has not been nice to me.  At 22 my gallbladder failed and it is gone.  At 25 I was diagnosed with cervical cancer.  (It's come back several times but I have been clean for 9 years.) For the last  5 years I have been walking around like a 90 years old and thinking that life will not be fun when I do turn old.  I had given up hope and decided to just sit and endure it.  Oops, it was was hard to sit, sleep or walk, so scratch that notion!  My body was continuing to fail and have other issues.  I began going to doctors and chiropractors,   X-rays did not find anything, and I was still in pain.  I was told that surgery was an option or as one chiropractor did (I saw her 12 times in 3 weeks, still no relief.) My son and daughter-in-law see Dr. Robert and suggested I give him a try.  In  these visits and lots of talking on my part, and listening on his, I have hope.  I now have my life back.  Come to find out your gall bladder does lots of things for your body, no one told me that.  I was given 2 supplements and manipulation on my back and neck, and already (I) see a big difference.  I am not in pain, (I am) walking and  sleeping better, (and) overall I have my life back.  I can play with my granddaughter without hurting.  (I can) walk to the mail box and  ride motorcycles without pain.  I can't say it enough:  I have   my life back and am looking forward with anticipation instead of dread."Thank you  so much.  I will keep on coming here because I trust you and believe in you.  Thank you." - Vicki H.

“You’ve been a great relief not only physically but psychologically, too…Thanks so much…you are a very special Doctor.”  - Karla Orozco

“I  have searched for the words to thank you….for all your compassion,  understanding, teaching and sense of humor.  In my struggle to obtain wellness again you narrowed the path and destroyed obstacles.  Thanks again.” – Eleanor Popielarski

“Dr. Stein—you are gem!!  I never have felt like a number & that’s saying a lot.  I notice that you deal with all your patients with the same caring involved attitude.  I  appreciate it & I’m sure your other patients do too.  Thank you!”   -   Mary Lou Wenger

“Maybe you’re reading this as a new patient, wondering if you’ve found the ‘right’ chiropractor…Or maybe you are new to chiropractic completely and are having a hard time imagining how your upcoming visit will be so beneficial.  Trust me, it can…you are about to receive the most honest, loving and sincere one-on-one treatment you could ask for…Dr. Stein, the relief you have given me is phenomenal.  Thank you, thank you so much.”– Bryna Peltonen

“I  wanted to thank you for the time you spent with me that day on the phone  and to thank you for the invaluable advice you gave freely.  It  is individuals like you that make a difference in this world today.” – Terri Lee Carr

“Although I was skeptical, Dr. Stein has helped me physically and emotionally!  He is the best!!” - Betty Burke

“As you know, my body has a very hard time with normal female functions, like menstruation.  Twice, after treatment from you, my period  returned after a long absence.  It is so relieving that my body works the way it is supposed to.  I am so grateful that this is done without use of hormones or drugs.” – Judith Bailor

"After two years  of chronic, nagging back pain, I am happy to tell you that I feel fine now.  Your role in this change is much appreciated.” – Robert  Lippincott, Jr.

“My daughter...recommended to me that I see Dr. Stein.  After an initial visit, he suggested that I have a full spinal x-ray.  After viewing the x-ray, Dr. Stein suggested an ultra sound test....Dr.Stein received the report of the ultra sound and discovered an aneurysm in my  abdomen.  He contacted..my family physician.  Upon receiving this report from Dr. Stein, (my family physician) contacted me to come to her office immediately.  She told me what Dr. Stein had found.  She sent me to....a (vascular) surgeon.  (The surgeon) informed me that the aneurysm was quite large, the size of a softball, and on the verge of rupturing.  I had surgery...and I am now on the road to recovery.  All of my doctors were quite amazed that Dr. Stein was the one to discover  the aneurysm because I had been examined by several doctors just a few months earlier.  I thank Dr. Stein for saving my life.” – Louis Barnaba

“I am an allied health professional and in senior management at a large university medical center.  About three years ago I was diagnosed with Meniere’s.  My physicians told me there was little they could do for me….I sought the advice of a Chiropractor (Dr. Stein).  Treatment began with acupuncture and altered diet….I am happy to report that I am symptom free….” – David C. Showers

“Dr. Stein, you are the first doctor, that put a patient before money.” –   Regina Polselli

“All I can say is that you truly are a ‘miracle worker’” – Margie Jones

“I now have a better quality of life!  Your friendliness and  genuine concern really got me through.” – Terri Miller

“…to a Doctor with a heart.” – Donna DiPrinzio

“Thank you so much for the wonderful care you have given to me.  If it wasn’t for you, I would have never been able to continue with my new  job.  I simply can’t thank you enough for your kindness.” –       Susie Davis

“Compassionate, friendly, professional, no rushing of patient, listens to me, very humble” – Jean Amalfitano

“I  feel wonderful about myself, no more fear about various conditions.  My doctor (Dr. Stein) makes me very comfortable when I’m there and answers any questions I may have.” – Paulette Hunt

“I am better physically and mentally from visits to Dr. Stein’s office.  I am in tune with my body and aware of the need for adjustments to keep me healthy.” – Rosemarie Walsh

"I felt that this Physician knew what he was doing!!" - Elinor Brasher

“I feel Dr. Stein is an excellent Dr.  I also feel if one will give him enough time he will improve their condition.  I have been to other chiropractors and so far none compare…My back is fine with Dr. Stein.” – Carey Emery

“I was very skeptical in the beginning and to be honest, until I realized the basic reasons for back pain, I did not think chiropractic would be beneficial.  I have now changed my thoughts – Chiropractic did help me and (I) have related my good experiences to others.” – Elizabeth  Hughes“

"Very professional, very courteous and concerned about me and not my money.” –       Nicholas Wanko

"You will be highly recommended." - Mary Ann Vogelsong

“Many times I felt I would never feel well again and all was futile….I am extremely  happy to say that I am feeling better, thanks to Dr. Stein and his  wonderful treatment.” – Marlene Healy

“Excellent—a  great guy—listens to me.” – Stephen Meredith, Sr.

Thank you so much for taking time out from your day off to take care of a poor soul from Pittsburgh.  Thanks for caring.  A chiropractic patient forever.” – V.K. Scott“

“Dr Robert Stein’s lengthy list of professional credentials gives a hint at his amazing abilities to heal.   He is a Holistic Family Chiropractor, Diplomate of Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique, Fellow of the International Academy of Clinical Acupuncture and Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician. He keeps his skills current with the latest professional education seminars….Dr Stein’s adjustment is inspired….His skill in pain control and energy balancing using the Scenar (needleless acupuncture) is astounding.  Durango, Colorado is very fortunate to have such a  skilled Doctor of Chiropractic available to provide advanced professional  alternative medical care.  If this is your first visit to Dr. Robert Stein you are in for treat.” -Bernadette Stewart

His laughter is contagious…it is hard to be down when his laughter roars through the office.”  - Toby Blender