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M.A., D.C., C.C.S.P.

Personalized Holistic Chiropractic Care since 1985

Personalized Holistic Chiropractic Care since 1985

Personalized Holistic Chiropractic Care since 1985Personalized Holistic Chiropractic Care since 1985



Dr. Stein practices an eclectic array of chiropractic techniques with passion and purpose.  Being keenly sensitive to the myriad stressors--structural, emotional and nutritional/chemical--that compromise optimal health, he  tirelessly strives to educate and empower his patients, as well. 

Chiropractic Techniques

Every patient is unique; I adjust a child differently than I would adjust a more senior patient.  I would adjust a pregnant woman differently than I would adjust a 280 lb professional football player.   Every patient is unique, and so I have studied and sought out advanced training in numerous Chiropractic techniques (including Active Release Technique [A.R.T.], Diversified Adjusting, BioEnergetic Synchronization Technique [B.E.S.T.], Total Body Modification [T.B.M.], Activator Methods, NeuroEmotional Techinique [N.E.T.], Extremity Adjusting and others). 

Adjunctive Therapies

As an adjunct to the chiropractic adjustment, either before and/or after the adjustment, we do employ many physiotherapies, including ice, heat, contrast bath (alternating ice and heat), traction, trigger point therapy, massage, photobiomodulation (low level laser therapy) and therapeutic exercises appropriate for the patient's condition.  Also, patients are counselled relevant to activities of daily living.

Nutritional Analysis and Supplementation

We have been using nutrition since 1985, to help our patients heal faster and to sustain their chiropractic adjustment.  To assess the patient's nutritional status, in addition to many years of experience, we also employ a detailed patient symptom questionnaire and/or labwork, when appropriate.